Looking for first time car insurance in Ireland?

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To drive legally in Ireland, the law says that you must have valid car insurance. First time car insurance in Ireland is usually very expensive due to the higher risks associated with insuring inexperienced drivers. Some of the following companies offer very competitive quotes for new drivers:

Quinn Direct - Quinn Direct is one of Ireland's best known car insurers. For 15 years they have provided cheap insurance to new and younger drivers. Quinn offer some great benefits with all of their policies including free breakdown cover with home start. You can contact them on 1890 89 1890 or quinn-direct.com.

AXA - AXA also offer very competitive quotes to the Irish market. Call into one of their branches nationwide to discuss your insurance needs. You can also call them on 1890 28 28 24 or visit axa.ie.

Insure.ie - This is one of Ireland's best known comparison websites. By filling in one form, you are actually searching a panel of Irish insurers. You can easily compare prices and benefits of each policy. Visit them at insure.ie.

There are ways in which YOU can keep your insurance costs down:

  • Get lessons from an approved driving instructor
  • Build a no claims bonus
  • Reduce your excess charges
  • Pick a car with a smaller engine
  • Keep modifications to a minimum
  • Use car insurance comparison websites
  • Get your full driving license as soon as possible
  • Add a more experienced driver to your policy
  • Get third party insurance rather than comprehensive
  • Buy online to save even more money

So start saving now with your first time car insurance in Ireland. Keep our advice in mind and you will save hundreds of euros each year!

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