First Title: Indemnity Insurance Providers

First Title indemnity insurance is recommended by the Law Society and cited as one of the UK's leading providers of indemnity insurance. Law Society members also receive additional benefits when they take out indemnity insurance with First Title, but there are still discounts for new customers and anyone who isn't registered with the Law Society.

What is Indemnity Insurance?

Indemnity insurance is a one-off payment for a policy that protects a homeowner or home buyer from a variety of legal proceedings. For example, carrying out building work without planning permission can lead to enforcement by local authorities but, if indemnity insurance is sought, the policy will protect the current homeowner financially should a local authority take legal action. Indemnity insurance doesn't fix the problem but it does protect the homeowner financially. If one policy is taken out the home is protected for the rest of its residential life and passed to each new homeowner.

You can take out a variety of indemnity insurance policies but you'll need to check that you meet the criteria first or seek legal advice. Costs vary from £20 up to £600 for different policies but the payment is always one-off; however, if you don't ensure you meet the criteria the policy you take out could become void.

First Title Indemnity Insurance Benefits

First Title offer a variety of benefits to customers and Law Society members, including:

  • 20% discount when applying online.
  • Chancel repair indemnity insurance at £20 per policy.
  • Residential risks can be combined into one policy with a 25% discount.
  • Additional benefits for working with First Title face-to-face (advisors will make customers aware of any benefits).
  • Commercial known risks up to £15m indemnity value (or £5m for development/change).


First Title provides "A" rated indemnity insurance, judged from leading ratings agencies and provides the largest capacity in the title insurance market. To find out more about First Title and indemnity insurance, go to: http://www.first-title.co.uk/.

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