Learn About Fixed Rate Mortgage Providers

A fixed rate mortgage allows people to have a fixed payment amount for a specified period. This time period is usually two to five years. Within this time period, your payment is protected from variable interest rates. However, you will not benefit if the Bank of England’s base rate and the lender’s interest rate falls. Therefore, consumers should consider a fixed rate mortgage program that offers stable interest rates. Learn about the various fixed rate mortgage providers throughout the United Kingdom.

Chelsea Building Society

The Chelsea Building Society offers a wide range of fixed rate mortgage products. Consumers can get an interest rate as low as 2.39% for two years or 3.39% for five years. These products will allow customers to obtain a loan up to 70% of the mortgage value. Overpayment is allowed, but only on 10% of the total loan. Otherwise it will be considered early repayment and customers will have to pay a 3% penalty.


Customers can get a 2.89% interest fixed rate for two years at Santander Bank. Minimum deposit for customers to receive this deal is 40 percent. This product costs £995 and allows for loans up to £1 million. Early repayment will incur a 3% penalty. You can easily apply to Santander via online, by phone, or in a branch.

Yorkshire Building Society

Various products are available to choose from the Yorkshire Building Society. A fixed rate mortgage starts from 2.59% for two years and goes up to 5.49% for five years. Minimum deposit ranges are from 10% to 25% of the loan. The lower the deposit, however, will result in a higher interest rate. The application fee depends on the type of product that is chosen. In order to help consumers plan their fixed rate mortgage, an online mortgage calculator is provided.


Barclays offers fixed rate mortgage products via Woolwich. Woolwich fixed interest rates starts at 2.68% to 4.98% for two and five years respectively. For Barclays’ customers, they can even geta lower interest at 2.54 percent. Early repayment penalty and different application fees apply for all products. Woolwich has won several awards such as Best Offset Mortgage Lender and Best Online Mortgage Provider in 2010.


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