The best places to find fixed rate mortgages in the UK

If you are seeking a mortgage that offers real value as you weigh up the purchase of a brand new home, then let us introduce you to fixed rate mortgages. These excellent mortgages provide real stability, and provide a brilliant way to know your exact outgoings each and every month. In this blog, we are going to talk you through where to find real value on fixed rate mortgages in the UK.

When it comes to mortgages you have two real choices. You can go for a fixed rate mortgage or else a tracker mortgages. Fixed Rate mortgages stay at a pre-determined rate between you and the bank, while Tracker Mortgages can fluctuate depending on what the current market rate is "Tracking" at. This is why we are massive fans of the stability that is brought on from a fixed rate mortgage.

If you are thinking a Fixed Rate Mortgage might be for you, then we recommend checking out the mortgages on offer from ING Direct, and you can find their site online at http://www.ingdirect.co.uk/. ING Direct may not be one of the best known names on the English financial circuit, but they offer outstanding value on their mortgages, especially when it comes to their fixed term product.

They offer three variations on the theme, with a fixed rate offer over two years, three years, and five years. In our view, their three year fixed rate offer delivers the best value, as you get a mortgage locked in at a fantastic 2.89% for three years, which then reverts to their standard variable rate of 3.5% shortly after. This mortgage is available on up to 60% loan to value.

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