Flash sales a go go

Blink and you’ll miss ’em. Bargains that is. Flash-sales are exactly that - sales that happen in a flash, at the blink of an eye. But with luxury brands selling at rock bottom prices, can you afford not to sign up today?

These limited time sales for members only work by the website ordering stock from designers directly and passing on the savings. With free membership and discounts of up to 80 percent, shoppers are flocking to these websites in their droves.

And while delivery can take up to four weeks, most think it worth the wait. If you want to get started, here are a few tips.

Your first port of call could be www.brandalley.co.uk , a members only website that sells top name fashion brands like Jimmy Choo and Converse for up to 70 percent less than high street prices.<7p>

Or you could opt for www.secretsales.com, which offers discounts also of up to 70 percent, off fashion, beauty and even homeware products.

Lastly, check out www.achica.com, a lifestyle website selling fashion and homeware items. Membership is free, and you receive regular email updates about promotions.

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