(Flat) mates for life

The idea of moving in with your loved one and creating a love nest for yourselves is being put on the backbunner as painful financial realities bite.

Reasearch by website easyroommate.co.uk found that during the past 12 months the amount of couples who are seeking to rent with other flatmates has risen by 91 percent.

Couples who share a room can save around a third on rent – the average double in London goes for about £622, compared with £978 for an apartment.

Jonathan Moore, director of easyroommate.co.uk says: 'The boom in rental prices is taking its toll on couples as much as it is individual tenants. Thousands of couples are finding that even when they pool their monthly income, renting a whole property of their own – let alone buying – is currently out of reach.

'For many, the idea of sharing an intimate flat with their partner has had to be placed on the back burner, and sharing with flatmates has become a financial necessity.'

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