Flight cancellation insurance and curtailment cover for any reason

Flight cancellation insurance for any reason can be used to cover you for a variety of circumstances that cause cancellation of a specific flight, but it's unlikely you can find cover for situations where you change your mind or can't make a flight. In the same respect, curtailment cover can help cover the cost of another ticket if you have to return early from somewhere, due to an illness or issue at home.

You can't always get flight cancellation for any reason at all, especially if you require insurance in case the fault is with you or your party. However, different insurers offer different policies and may cover you financially if the fault was your own (i.e., missing a flight due to lateness). It's more likely that a flight will be cancelled or delayed for other reasons, such as:

  • Natural disasters
  • Hijacking
  • A fire or flood at your home (in this case the fault would not be with you or your party)
  • An accident en route to the airport
  • Sickness or injury of a party member
  • Call to serve on a jury
  • Any kind of reason for cancellation provided by the firm (i.e., incorrect flight booking information that was not your fault)

You'll have trouble finding flight cancellation insurance for:

  • A change of plan on your part
  • A change in financial status meaning you can't travel
  • Self inflicted injuries
  • Sickness or injury due to the use of illegal drugs

When you opt for flight insurance for any reason, take note of the "self inflicted injuries" aspect of the policy; if your policy specifically states they do not cover flight cancellation for this purpose, some injuries can make your claim invalid. For example, injury even if you are slightly drunk could make the claim void. Don't assume that an insurance company will immediately cover the cost no matter the circumstance; they may use intoxication as an excuse of "self inflicted injury", for example, even if it was not the direct cause.

If you need flight insurance for any reason to cover a possible change of plan or a change in financial state to result in your cancelling your flight, consider opting for a holiday which includes a "cancellation waiver" clause. This will refund you, at least partial, if you choose to cancel your holiday. You won't have the buy additional insurance for this and can cancel for any reason.

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