Flood Insurance Rate Map UK: Higher Rates for Flood-Risk Insurance Customers

The Environment Agency produces a flood risk map for UK residents where the postcode can be typed and the map will show a home's flood risk. Many factors affect flooding and, in some instances, coastal areas are at less risk than homes near large canals or rivers. The flood insurance rate map for UK residents won't tell you if you'll pay extra premiums on your insurance but it can help you decide whether your home is at risk and what you need to do to protect yourself.

Is Flood Risk Included in Insurance Policies?

Not always. Some insurers will insure your home and contents against theft or fire damage, for instance, but not necessarily flood damage. It doesn't matter if you live in a high flood risk area; the insurer is under no obligation to adjust their policy if it otherwise didn't have flood risk insurance already. Check to see if your home is considered "high risk" before obtaining flood insurance.

Will Premiums Increase in High Risk Areas?

This really depends on the policy provider but you should expect higher premiums if you live in an area at risk from flooding. Most insurers already have a copy of the flood insurance rate map for the UK so they already know if your area is a high flood risk.

Can Premiums Be Reduced?

You can reduce premiums paid because you're in a high risk area by flood proofing your home. The Environment Agency has lots of information about preparing for floods and flood proofing your house; having additional protection could reduce the amount you pay on insurance.

Finding Specialist Insurers

Sometimes it can be quite difficult to find an insurer willing to take you on as a customer if you live in a high risk area. If you're struggling to find an insurer or need to find a company who will offer a cheaper rate for high flood risk customers, look towards a broker company to investigate insurance policies and apply on your behalf. This can also be especially helpful if you have a flood proofed home already and need help proving this to a provider.

Using The Flood Insurance Rate Map for UK Residents

You can access the flood insurance rate map for UK residents at the Environment Agency website, which also includes information on how to protect your home from potential flood threats. To find out if you home is in a flood risk area, click on the flood risk map and type in your postcode at:


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