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There is a vast amount of information on the internet on car insurance companies and the prices and policies they offer to their customers. When you're hunting for the best deal on the market, it makes sense to avail of this free information. Flux Direct car insurance reviews can be found on a host of websites including leading insurance comparison website, Money Supermarket.

Flux Direct is an online car insurance provider and there are many benefits to doing business with them. When you apply for a car insurance quote from Flux Direct, they search over 200 insurance schemes from 30 of the UK's leading insurance companies to find the deal that suits you the best. The entire process can be completed from home and there's no need to make long, expensive phone calls while you're doing it.

There are a few key benefits that keep appearing in Flux Direct car insurance reviews. Just one simple form needs to be filled out when applying for a quote from Flux Direct and if you decide to avail of the quote, any documents you need can be printed off immediately with no postal waiting times.

The wide range of policies available with Flux Direct car insurance is another major advantage. Policies can be tailored to individual needs with extras like homestart breakdown cover and personal accident cover available to add to policies for a small fee.

Other features, such as European cover, can be removed from policies if you feel that it won't be needed and this will reduce your car insurance premium.

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