Finding flying freehold indemnity insurers through your solicitor

Unlike other forms of insurance it's not uncommon for an indemnity insurer to request their identity to be kept a secret. This is because of the risk associated with indemnity insurance an local authority involvement, not because a company is doing anything wrong. The basics of indemnity insurance can be quite complicated and all flying freehold indemnity insurers will offer different levels of cover. Their policies will also be significantly different from another insurer's, which might not met your requirements.

Once a conveyancing report has been produced your solicitor will tell you if you need to take any precautions, or if you need indemnity insurance. If flying freehold indemnity insurance is required you're free to look for providers yourself; some known providers are Direct Line or Evolution Insurance. Local insurance brokers might be available from a directory listings, which could make finding a flying freehold insurer an easier task.

When you approach a flying freehold indemnity insurer for a quote you should take all documents provided by your solicitor and expect to pay a one off fee depending on the value of your home. Indemnity insurance is priced on a "sliding" scale; the more valuable your home, the more you pay. However, flying freehold indemnity insurance rarely exceeds £200 even for homes over £50,000. Even if you find locating a flying freehold indemnity insurer difficult don't settle for the first quote if you think it's too high.

When you do find an insurer and quote you're happy with, take the policy to the solicitor overseeing the purchase of the home. Not all policies will provide adequate cover and your solicitor will be the most experienced person to tell you whether or not the insurance is good enough; they won't settle for any old back street insurance policy and may be able to guide you to another insurer.

In some instances you could even consider arranging indemnity insurance through your solicitor, but be aware of additional administration fees and charges.

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