FMI Director Salary

FMI is among the most recognised and well respected firms in the sectors in which they operate. They offer management consultancy services, investment banking advice and research services. They are an American based firm who have clients in the UK but don’t yet have offices in this country which is why the FMI director salary that follows is in US Dollars.


As a consultant and service providers the wages they pay out to their staff are collected back from their clients with a little extra added to cover costs. The average wage paid out to consultants at the firm is a staggering $88,446. When you consider that some areas of the US naturally offer higher wages than other places (due in part to the cost of living), you won’t be surprised to read that some of the top consultants in the higher paid areas walk away with $95,000 per year.

Cash bonuses

Cash bonuses and commission sharing initiatives with the firm boost the above wages by as much as $10,000 per year. On average $4,825 is made from bonuses and $4,547 is earned from commissions.

Other employees

A recent survey of 133 employees of the firm suggested that Staff Assistants earn an average of $44,056 per year. Research assistants earn something like $66,858 per annum while Research Analysts get $69,509 for a slightly more demanding job role.

Working conditions

The guys included in the survey gave their financial information anonymously and also wrote a little about life with FMI. On the whole, everyone said that the firm values hard work and commitment which lead to opportunities for ownership. The only criticism seems to be that the starting wage for management consultants is a little lower than rivals, but that levels out with experience and success.

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