Look after your classic with Foot James car insurance

If you're a classic car enthusiast you probably obsess over keeping your pride and joy safe from danger. The best possible way to do this is with an insurance policy from Footman James Car Insurance. They're the classic and vintage car specialists!

Footman James have been around for quite a while, since 1983 in fact. They specialise in providing insurance for niche markets such as classic cars and bikes, aswell as specialist vehicles and Enthusiast Clubs.

They have pioneered many of the staples customers expect from modern car insurance such as Road Rage Personal Accident Cover, Limited Mileage (a regular in vintage car cover policies) and Multi-Vehicle policies. They have a customer base of a whopping 140,000 policy holders, with an annual income of around £40 million.

Footman James offers all the regulars you'd expect from a normal car insurance policy, except in a classic car policy. You'll get EU and UK Breakdown Cover, Agreed Value, and Personal Injury cover for Road Rage and Carjackings.

They'll also offer you quotes for your Home Insurance, and their package is quite competitive! Their home policy covers accidental damage, business property, garden property, kennelling for pets, unlimited Frozen Food cover in the event of a power loss, and alternative accommodation if your home is rendered unliveable by a covered event.

Perhaps the best part is, their policies don't cost the earth! You can see for yourself at footmanjames.co.uk the kind of quote they can offer on a range of insurance products.

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