Keep the ball rolling with football grants

The Premier League giants may be awash with cash, but grassroots and junior football usually have to struggle with funding. If you think your team might be a deserving cause, look into the possibility of applying for football grants.

The Football Foundation (www.footballfoundation.org.uk) is the largest source of funding for grassroots football in the UK, offering around £40 million each year in grants to small clubs.  The grants come under a number of different categories.

If the pitch is falling apart, the  Facilities scheme provides money for new or improved facilities that will benefit local communities. These could include changing rooms, new grass or artificial pitches and multi-use games areas.  If you just need to make some quick repairs, the Build the Game grants are easier and faster to process.

The Goalpost Safety Scheme offers grants to replace unsafe goalposts and mini-goalposts across the country. So if your star striker's hot shots keep smacking against the bar, it might be worth upgrading the woodwork.

In the capital the Play Sport London: Facility Fund is part of a commitment to leave a grassroots sporting legacy from the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Grants will contribute to the construction or refurbishment of sports facilities across London, and are open to applications from any not for profit organisation.

Football kit grants are available to junior clubs. Clubs are entitled to apply for a new kit grant every 3 years and can make separate applications, if there is both a boys and a girls team.


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