Footing the bill

Chivalry, it appears, is not dead, at least among British males, as new research suggests that while women like to split the cost, men like to take responsibility and foot the whole bill.

According to a survey of 2000 adults by First Direct, 55 percent of men expect to pay the full bill on a first date. In contrast 58 percent of women expect to split it.

The research showed that men like to splash the cash more on a first date, with men spending on average £65 compared to women who spend £50.

Richard Brown, senior savings product manager at First Direct, said: ‘As we approach the wedding season, the couple on everyone’s lips is Kate Middleton and Prince William. It would be fascinating to know if they split the bill or if William paid and pulled out a discount voucher on their first date.

‘If he did, he is far from alone – dating can be an expensive business and if you do not have the disposable income of a future royal, it is important to make sure you have enough money saved to find The One.’

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