Looking for car insurance? Try Footman James car insurance

When we think specialist car insurance, we think Footman James car insurance. Why? Footman James are the UK's number one when it comes to specialist and classic cars in the UK. They have over 140,000 people signed up with them and for a good reason, they're affordable and they offer great cover.

Footman James do so well in the UK because they are one of the few specialist car insurers that don't pinch your pockets for cash. All of their quotes are fair and they cover a lot more classics than any other company.

The Footman James website is fairly straightforward to navigate. Say for example you are looking to insure a classic car, just click on the classic cars tab and you are halfway there. From the next page you can get an instant quote and decided there and then if Footman James are the company for you.

They offer European UK Breakdown cover, Cover in EU countries, Motor Legal Expenses, Personal Injury due to Road Rage & Carjacking and Emergency European Travel Cover. This is a great way to ensure that you are covered for just about any event.

You can also add Multi vehicle, Limited mileage and Laid up insurance to your policy if you need any of them. There are lots of options available to you so be sure to check out the Footman James website.

You won't find a better classic and specialist insurance company in the UK, next time you need a quote, think Footman James.

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