Footman James car insurance - Perfect for your classic

If you've recently snapped up a Classic Car and you want to keep it as safe as possible, then it's probably time you considered taking out a specialist Classic Car Insurance policy, after all keeping your pride and joy safe is of utmost importance!

Classic Car cover is offered by lots of different insurance providers. However, in our view, it's always best to go with the people who know best, and that's why in this blog we'll be recommending you check out Footman James car insurance. Footman James have been specialists in the Classic and Vintage market for over 30 years, so you know you'll be in safe hands if you take out on of their policies.

Footman James are aware of the care that Car enthusiasts lavish on their cars, so if you are a member of a UK car club, then they are willing to offer you a special discounted rate. Even if you aren't their policies still contain some brilliant perks. You'll enjoy European and UK Breakdown Cover, cover in EU countries (35 days per trip), Agreed Value, Motor Legal Expenses, Personal Injury cover stemming from Road Rage and Carjacking incidents, and Emergency European Travel Cover.

Due to the specialist nature of their quotes, and the variables involved in insuring Classic Cars, Footman James don't provide quotes online. You can mail them at webquotes@footmanjames.co.uk, or else give their call centre a call at 0845 458 6782 to get a quote. Check them out today and keep your pride and joy safe from harm!

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