Could you save money with a Footman James car insurance quote?

Founded back in 1983, Footman James has always strived to provide its customers with the best deals available in niche insurance markets. Acting as an insurance broker to more than 140,000 policy holders throughout the United Kingdom, Footman James deal with more than 2,500 quote requests a day, making them one of the busiest independent insurance brokers in the UK today.

As was the case in the past, they specialise in niche insurance policies that many insurance companies don't necessarily offer, or at least don't publicise. These include reduced rates for customers who are willing to accept limited mileage as part of their insurance policy, road rage related accident cover, flexible agreed values for classic cars and even product liability for kit car manufacturers!

They've got a dedicated department set up for all queries relating to specialist vehicle insurance, which includes military vehicles, steam engines, farm and agricultural vehicles and classic cars, with tailor made policies specifically for collectors of multiple classic vehicle types.

It is this flexibility that has ensured Footman James remains at the forefront of the speciality insurance market, and their annual premium income now stands at more than £40,000,000. With a staff comprising of more than 200 people, with 180 located in their excellent call centre there's always someone available to provide you with your very own Footman James car insurance quote, whatever the time.

For those of you who are just looking for more regular insurance, they offer coverage for all needs, and all policies include homestart, European and UK wide breakdown cover, motoring related legal expenses, emergency European travel cover and personal injury cover for road rage and carjacking incidents as standard. As we mentioned before, if you're willing to accept a limited mileage addition to your policy, you'll be able to save yourself substantial sums over the course of a year.

To get a quote and start saving today, you can contact them over the phone at 0843 357 1909 or via their website at www.footmanjames.co.uk.

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