How to get your free seven days car insurance with Aviva

Driveaway is the new innovative way by Aviva for you to get free seven days car insurance for your brand new car. When you first buy your brand new car it can be difficult to have insurance cover for you to legally drive the vehicle home. If you take advantage of Driveaway, you get seven days fully comprehensive cover for your car free of charge. So what is included in driveaway cover?

  • Fully comprehensive free car insurance for 7 days
  • Unlimited legal liability for death or injury to any person
  • Up to £20million unlimited legal liability cover for damage to other people's property
  • Legal protection up to £5million

So when you purchase your new car, you have to call Aviva and inform them that you wish to take out a Driveaway policy. A note of insurance cover is emailed to your dealer within one hour of your call. This then enables your dealer to tax your new car if required so that you can "Driveaway" your new vehicle without any worries.

Driveaway is available in all parts of the UK except Northern Ireland. You can easily set it up by calling an Aviva specialist free on 0800 404 6971 and given all your details along with the details of your new car. You are under no obligation to purchase permanent insurance when your seven days expire but if you choose to do so, you will be entitled to a significant discount for your first year. For more information about Driveaway, simply log onto aviva.co.uk/driveaway.

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