We try to find the best free Car Insurance deals 2011

If the idea of a company offering you free car insurance is too good to be true, then we have some great news, as it is possible to get yourself free car insurance, and we are going to show you how in this blog.

Snaring the best free Car Insurance deals 2011 may elude a lot of consumers because they don't even know the concept exists, but it does, and it is called Driveaway Insurance. How Driveaway Insurance works is that a company will offer you seven days (or thereabouts) free car insurance when you buy a new car (from a participating dealership). This cover is generally fully comprehensive and the idea is that you will stick with them and purchase a full policy once the seven days has come to an end.

The biggest and best Driveaway Insurance offer in the Uk right now seems to be offered by Aviva, and you can check out their product at http://www.aviva.co.uk/driveaway. Their Driveaway policy offers all the benefits you would expect from their fully comprehensive insurance product including Seven Days free Comprehensive cover, Unlimited legal liability cover for death or injury to any person, up to £20 million legal liability cover for damage to a person's property, and it's available to any driver over the age of 21.

If you decide to extend your policy with Aviva beyond the seven day free term, then all you have to do is visit their site and fill in their insurance application form. If you have four or more years of a No Claims Discount, then Aviva are offering a brilliant 20% off their tear long policy right now, so it's well worth checking them out!


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