How to get a free credit report

You're always entitled to view your credit report for a £2 fee, in writing to most credit reference agencies. However, the same credit reference agencies set up their own sites to allow you to view you whole credit profile for a monthly fee. Most of these companies offer a free trial period, which can be an easy way to get your free credit report and earn some extra money on the side.


Step 1

Firstly, you want to join credit reference companies, or online sites that let you view your credit report, through cash-back incentives. Go through companies like Topcashback.com and Quidco.com, which will give you cash back for signing up to credit agencies such as Experian. You can earn up to £5.50 per cash back for this.


Step 2

Sign up to the credit agency on a free trial period, which normally lasts for 30 days. Make sure you go through the cashback sites to receive money for signing up. You will need to enter your direct debit details but the credit reference agency will not take a payment until the 30 day trial period has finished.


Step 3

Wait to receive your payment from the cashback sites. They should do it instantly or within a few days, but you won't have to wait for the 30 day trial period to finish. Check your credit file and print off anything you need using your free trial on the credit reference site.


Step 4

Call up (do not e-mail) the customer support for the credit site you had the free trial from. Cancel your membership, which is wholly in your right to do so. Don't fall for the ploy of "view your credit score now for only..." which most customer service agents will use - there is no standard credit score per customer. Banks and lenders give you a credit score based on their own criteria and your credit file - you only need the credit file you've just obtained for free, with an extra £5, to judge your credit worthiness.

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