From guest to pest

They say that guests and fish smell after three days, but at least fish won’t damage your home. Last year, in return for the generosity shown by hosts in opening up their homes to guests, a total of £66 million worth of damage was caused.

According to research by Churchill Home Insurance, around 4.9 millions Brits hosted guests staying in their homes for an average of eight weeks. The biggest group is graduates, with almost 500,000 people returning to the parental nest, often expecting free board and lodging.

‘With graduates struggling to find jobs after university and prospective homebuyers struggling to pay rent while saving for deposit, a return to the comforts of the family home is proving increasingly attractive,’ said Churchill’s Vicky Perry.

Perry added: ‘Whether it's with friends or family, it is important to set firm ground rules and establish how long a guest is set to stay before they check in, otherwise they could find themselves adding to the 180,000 householders who have had a house guest live in their home for over two years.’

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