Fruits of the vinyl

Forget wine, art or stamps – vinyl is the thing wherein the money lies now, and according to a list of 51 singles and albums drawn up by Record Collector magazine, the prize item you’ll be giving your right arm to own is God Save The Queen by British punk band The Sex Pistols.

The angry and irreverent silver jubilee tribute to Queen Elizabeth II was published by A&M records, but the company shortly after dropped the band and pulped most of the remaining copies of the record – making existing copies today worth £8000.

But a young Richard Branson with a twinkle in his eye soon picked up the band and re-released the single, packing a packet in the process.

The second most valuable record is a first pressing of Please Please Me, worth £3500.

Ian McCann, editor of Record Collector magazine, told The Telegraph: ‘There is something of an investment market in mint-condition copies of iconic albums. The problem is people love them and play them to death, making it increasingly rare to find them in mint condition.’

Gary Shrum, at Heritage Auctions, an American auction house, said: 'Early, first-pressing CDs, rap CDs, for example, have increased enormously, selling at between $100 to 400 each. Jimi Hendrix on CD is another area to investigate – they might not sound very good but completists need them.'

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