Looking for a policy that offers full European car insurance?

In these financially austere times, the person who is willing to drive a hard bargain will generally end up being the happier person. Nowhere is this more apt than in the world of Car Insurance. Why settle for a policy that doesn't include full European car insurance when you can get it thrown in for free? In this blog we're going to show you how!

Getting a great deal on your Car Insurance premium often involves a major trawl through a number of sites, but we're going to cut that out right now and point you in the direction of E Car Insurance, who you can find online at ecarinsurance.co.uk. So what are they offering?

Well, E Car Insurance offer a variety of different insurance products, including a standard annual cover policy, a "Pay as You Go" option, and even short term insurance for people looking to build up a history of cover, without shelling out astronomical figures for annual policies. One common thread linking all of their policies is the fact that E Car Insurance throw in free European Cover on both their Annual and Pay As You Go monthly policies, meaning you can take the car to the continent without worrying about insurance.

The only condition is that your permanent home must be in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man and must also be your primary residence. It is the same level of cover you will enjoy as you do in the UK, so there are no catches.

You can get a quote from them online on their site, or you can call their UK based call centre. Why settle for inferior insurance products when you can have one that includes full European cover?

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