Child's trust fund investment

The child's trust fund investment is a government-led scheme giving the opportunity for children to begin a tax-savings account. Aside from the dates a child must be born between to qualify, there are other restrictions in place. The parent must have received at least one payment of child benefit in respect of the child before the 4th of January 2011 and the child must be a full UK citizen. Your child should also not be subject to any restrictions regarding immigration.

For every child who is entitled to a child's trust fund investment, HMRC will send the child a voucher, which is then used by the parent to open a trust fund on behalf of the child. The voucher's value will be somewhere between £50 and £250, depending on when the child was born. The child's trust fund investment account belongs to the child and cannot be taken out by anyone until the child reaches 18-years-of age.

If your child receives Disability Living Allowance it is possible they may receive more payments in to their trust account, this is subject to certain regulations and restrictions. Family and friends can add up to £1,200 into the account tax-free, this cannot be taken out of the account either. It is important you keep the details concerning your child's fund investment up-to-date, including changes in address, change in parental contact and if the child becomes seriously ill, as this can affect the running of your child's fund. If you have any problems or complaints concerning your child's trust fund investment you can contact the issuer direct or by visiting the DirectGov website where you can find further information on what to do next.

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