Top tips to reduce gas bills

Between 2006 and 2011, gas prices in the UK rose by a staggering 75%. There hasn't been any confirmation that gas and electric prices will be reduced any time soon, so it's imperative to find the best tariff and company to help you save money. Some of these small tips can help you save hundreds of pounds on your gas bills each year.

Reducing annual gas bills

Keep in mind that changing gas and electric suppliers won't cost you a penny. If you want to save money on gas bills it's absolutely essential that your first step is to shop around for the best deal, even if you've been with your provider for years.

Take a look on price comparison websites or call up gas companies straight away to compare prices. Your circumstances and your home (prices could be dependant on your heating system or the type of insulation you have) will effect the quote you receive.

Direct debit payments

If you're not already paying by direct debit you should set this up. Most companies offer a discount for customers who pay by direct debit, which can significantly reduce your gas bill. You may also be able to set up fixed monthly payments to avoid unexpected costs in winter seasons.

Pre-payment meters

If you're struggling to meet ends meet and aren't just concerned about keeping your gas bills down a little, consider installing a pre-payment meter. Not only does this allow you to pay upfront and track what you spend on gas but the tariff is sometimes cheaper on meter payments because they're generally installed in council homes or for people on a low income.

Free government insulation schemes

As well as using the both techniques you can also enquire about free insulation from the government. If you have a loft and a boiler over 3 years old, you can have your home insulated for free on a scheme that was introduced by the UK government to combat the high gas price rise. By keeping the extra heat trapped in your home, this free scheme can dramatically reduce your annual gas bills.

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