GE Money Bank Loans and Other Financial Products

GE Money is part of the international General Electric group. They offer smart flexible finance to UK residents but also operate in Northern Ireland as one of the leading bank loan providers, as well as offer store cards, credit cards, small loans, business loans and various other flexible finance solutions. GE Money currently resides in 55 countries world wide and was established in America during the Great Depression, making it one of the most trustworthy and history-rich finance companies on the market today. It's important to note that GE Money isn't your average high street bank - GE Money bank loans are actually provided by companies and protects they own. For example, mortgages and secured loans from GE Money is provided through First National (acquired from Abbey National).

However, some personal loans and GE Money bank loans are available from GE Money direct. You'll have to call GE Money directly to discuss loan requirements but, as an international lender and finance super power, they normally have some great benefits for their customers.

International Loan Providers

One of the best benefits for lending from GE Money is their presence in most European countries. GE Money operates as a well-known finance company in Ireland and the UK and the United States, providing finance products to customers in all these countries amongst others.


Because GE Money bank loans are either provided directly by GE Money or by partners in its finance you can be sure to get the most flexible loan for your circumstances. GE Money also offers a variety of flexible loan options anyway, such as online account checking, payment holidays, payment options and quick access to your account information.

Regulated Loans

As a large international finance provider GE Money bank loans are well regulated by the FSA and other authorities. Their products are always customer-focused and this extra regulation ensures you'll get the best advice from their representatives as well as a good loan deal suited to you.

To find out more about GE Money bank loans and other protects, visit their site at: http://www.gemoney.co.uk/.

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