Securing your dream car with GE Money car finance Ireland

Is your dream car just out of reach? Sick of hitting a brick wall when it comes to efforts to finance your dream car? If this sounds like you, then there may be answer to be found by checking out GE Money car finance Ireland. GE Money have been one of the most trusted providers of finance in the world for over 70 years, so they may be able to help you out!

GE Money has a long and tenured history - they were set up in 1930s America to help finance the purchase of home appliances during the great depression. They are now the personal finance provider of choice for millions of people worldwide and have a global presence in over 55 different countries. Today, they offer the full spectrum of finance products, from credit cards, to personal loans, home loans, car finance and leases.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to take out a GE Money Car finance policy directly. The company deals exclusively through brokers in Ireland, and even a quick visit to their site reveals only a customer service number - www.gemoney.ie/en. Despite this, they are a huge presence in the Irish financial market, employing over 2,200 people across 19 different businesses.

To avail of one of their finance products, we recommend using a reputable broker like www.quoteme.ie/. Through this company you can check out some of the products currently being offered by GE Money, and decide if their car finance options are for you.

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