How to get a personal loan in Ireland

If you are looking to get a personal loan in ireland then you are probably wondering which company offers the best rate and most flexible terms? While it may not have been in the news for the best of reasons over the past few years, AIB Bank is blazing a trail for Irish lenders with some fantastic rates and terms, and in this blog we are going to check out what their personal loan offers can do for you.

AIB had a rough few years, but they have bounced back to become one of the most attractive banks in Ireland to do business with thanks to their excellent loan product. The full range and scope of their personal loans can be viewed on their dedicated personal loan site at http://www.aib.ie/personal/loans/Personal-Loan. here you will be able to check out all of their terms and offers. So what are they offering?

Well, AIB welcome customers to make early repayments on their loans, and there will be absolutely no penalties for doing so. Any extra cash you come into can be used to reduce your loan! AIB are also happy for you to take occasional payment holidays from your loan should you need them, removing the financial straitjacket every now and then. The APR on AIB loans is probably the best on the market too, as they currently offer rates ranging from 14.58% to 11.68% for the larger loans.

Loan terms run from one to five years, and AIB have also helpfully included a "Personal Loan Calculator" in their personal loan section, so you can see exactly how much the loan will cost you, aswell as play around with the length of the loan.

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