Get Clever on House Insurance and Beat the Companies

As pointed out recently on the property website the UK burglar’s association is one of the groups not affected by the economic blah-de-blah. Basically, the lads and ladies with the swag bags are keeping as busy as ever. So, you need to get yourself some decent home insurance, oh and a big dog that doubles as a wolf salivating in your front garden might help too.

I’d be the first to say that some things are worth going on the cheap for – Better Deals is my mantra. But when it comes to Home Insurance it’s like safe sex – don’t be silly – protect yourself.

That said, you can still save a few quid by shopping around. And having associated with some of those evil people at insurance companies in my sordid past I can let you know the best kept industry secret for saving money.

As a customer, you do not matter as an individual – no news there – but as part of a Networkyou are extremely important.

So, if 10 of your friends and family are insured by the same company then you’ve got a very strong and valuable network for the insurance company. If the insurance company overcharges you or pisses you off when it comes to claims they risk losing you and your 10 friends. So, they will do their damnedest to keep you and your mates sweet – which means competitively priced policies and no hassle when it comes to claims.

So, here’s where I get to the roaring red socialist part and tell you how to play the system using their rules. Basically – before you insure, get as many of your friends and family together and agree to go with the same company – you’ve got huge negotiating power and you will all save £££’s

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