10 easy ways to get richer

There are few easy ways to get rich quick. However, there are a number of small changes that you can make to help you get richer a little at a time - and added together they can really make a significant difference to your bank balance and financial habits. Here are 10 simple suggestions...

Quick tips to get a little richer

1. Use direct debit wherever possible. Companies prefer being paid this way as it gives them a more predictable income stream - meaning they often charge less.

2. Reclaim unfair bank charges. Whether it's an unfair charge for an overdraft or a bounced cheque, banks are increasingly being held to account for excessive charges.

3. Price compare all major purchases. Price comparison sites like uSwitch and MoneySupermarket can help you to find the cheapest options for goods and services.

4. Remember that paying credit card interest is optional. Almost all cards offer an interest free period of 30 days or more - allowing you enough time to receive your salary and transfer the money to your card.

5. Avoid store cards. Despite the hype and exciting introductory offers, they usually have much higher interest rates than traditional credit cards.

6. Switch to VOIP. Make huge savings on your phone bill by taking advantage of the cheap (or free) calls available with VOIP.

7. Be smart with your energy use. Make the switch to energy saving light bulbs and you could save up to £100 in their lifetime. If you're not using an appliance, switch it off at the wall.

8. Protect your savings from the tax man. Invest your money in a tax free ISA.

9. Book any holidays well in advance. Flights - and increasingly hotels - offer big savings for advance bookings.

10. Keep a budget. You'll notice how these little savings are helping you to get a little richer - and this is great motivation to keep going.

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