Get some cash for gold - the easy way!

A great place to kick-start your cash for gold activity is by visiting the website How Cash For Gold. These guys buy scrap gold, unwanted gold, old gold - any gold, any weight, any carat. It can also be broken, have no hall mark, from a foreign source and more. You can apply for an instant quote via their website by filling in a form, which includes your contact details, the weigh of your gold, the carat (if known) and a description. You can then go to the premises and receive your payment then and there, or you can go straight to your nearest Post Office and send your gold to them by insured special delivery.

Best Price For Goldis another excellent source for this activity. This company prides itself on being the UK’s leading scrap gold buyer. For 9 carat gold, they start paying £9.40 per gram up to £26.20 per gram for platinum gold. And you can click on the ‘Valuation Request’ link to get a quote on your gold. You then send in your gold, they value it, present you with the offer and then send you the money within 24 hours.

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