Get the best deal on classic car insurance

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Anyone who owns a classic car will know that they're very valuable and need to be properly insured. Classic car insurance can be taken out with many insurance companies and it's not hard to find a top deal.

Before signing up for any car insurance policy, you should take time to check out what the competition is offering. Insurance comparison websites, such as Money Supermarket and Compare the Market, are fantastic for doing this in a couple of minutes.

One of the biggest insurance companies in the UK and Ireland, AXA, has fantastic classic car insurance packages. AXA were the first company to offer specialist car insurance, way back in 1906, so it's no surprise that their classic car insurance packages are one of the most popular on the market today.

A few of the key benefits that you'll get with AXA classic car insurance include quality cover whether your car is one the road or permanently in a garage, 24 hour home or roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown and a terrific no claims discount offer where you can knock as much as 70 per cent off your car insurance bill after just 6 years.

You can also protect your no claims discount with AXA classic car insurance for a small fee, so that even if you're involved in a claim you can still avail of the superb discounts available.

If your classic car is extremely rare, you can agree a value price with AXA. This means that if it's stolen or written off, you have peace of mind knowing that you'll get the full market value of the car.

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