Get the cheapest quote for car insurance

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When you want to find the cheapest quote on car insurance that you can, there are a number of things you can do to increase your chances. Many of them are common sense but you'd be amazed at the amount you can save on car insurance by following them.

One of the biggest influences on how much you pay for car insurance is the type of car you're trying to get insured in. Insurance companies place cars into various insurance groups to assess how much of a risk it is. There are 50 insurance groups and the cars in the lowest groups pay the least amount for car insurance.

A number of factors are considered by insurance companies when they're placing a car in an insurance group. The cost of spare parts and repairing the car is a big one. The more expensive it is to repair the car, the higher the insurance group it will be placed in.

The size of the car's engine is also very important. Cars with powerful engines are placed in the higher groups because they present a greater risk to the insurers. Several other features, including safety devices installed on the car, also affect what insurance group the car is placed in.

So if you're looking for a cheap quote on car insurance, it makes sense to try and get insured on a car that is in the lower insurance groups. If you're still struggling to get a quote that you're happy with, you could try driving as named driver on a family member's policy or pay as you drive car insurance.

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