Get Versace goods for £50

Fancy getting some designer clobber but don't have the dosh? Well, it might not just be a pipe dream, as Donatella Versace is teaming up with H&M to launch a new collection in this autumn.

The new Versace 'affordable range' will contain dresses sold for as little as 50 quid! They will be sold at 300 H&M stores across the country from November 17th.

Apparently, the H&M creative advisor Margareta van Bosch said: '"Versace is one of the most important brands of recent times, and their collection for H&M will be glamorous and flamboyant - everything Versace stands for.

'Donatella Versace is sharing with us iconic designs from the archives. This is such a celebratory collaboration and it is perfect for the party season.'

What could be finer than fancy clothes at rock bottom prices we ask?

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