Get yourself One Day Breakdown Cover

Not everyone needs to be covered for every eventuality all of the time; some of us would only need occasional coverage, whether that is short term car insurance while borrowing a neighbour or family member's car, or a special once off, one day breakdown cover for an important trip you can't afford to have problems on.

When it comes to breakdown cover in the United Kingdom, one name springs immediately to mind thanks to their years of experience and superb reputation among the motoring world. That company is RAC.

With statistics that include the successful repair of four out of every five cars at roadside, service within 40 minutes in most cases, priority rescue for drivers who find themselves in a vulnerable situation (for example pregnant women or elderly drivers) and post accident care including advice from RAC approved solicitors and experts in the field of personal injury, it's no wonder that RAC has been rated as the top brand in the United Kingdom for breakdown services in a 2010 survey compiled by the Institute of Customer Service.

They also offer quite a variety in terms of the depth and level of coverage on offer, with optional extras available which include the recovery of you, your passengers and your vehicle to your intended destination anywhere in the United Kingdom, home start services which also apply within a quarter of a mile from your home, European breakdown cover for any trips to the continent and onward travel cover which includes a replacement vehicle for up to three days while yours is being repaired.

In order to avail of a short term, one day breakdown coverage policy you'll need to speak to RAC directly by telephone, as they don't offer this on their website at www.rac.co.uk. Call them today on 0844 891 3111 and explain your need for a short term policy and they'll have no problem helping you out.

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