Getting a good deal in the shops is a postcode lottery

Shoppers are paying up to £500 more on certain items purely because of where they live, according to new research.

Online shopping comparison site Kelkoo analysed 2,400 prices in 120 stores and discovered that retail prices in Swindon are the highest, at £171 above the average. This was followed by Wrexham in North Wales at £164 and Peterborough at £148.

Chris Simpson, director of marketing for the website, said: ‘Retail sales have continued to suffer since the start of the new year, which puts retailers under constant pressure to maintain the balancing act of offering discounts and special offers, whilst still protecting their profit margins.

‘For those with a nationwide store network, factors such as the store type and location, local competition, and the regional micro-economic environment all contribute to the regional pricing strategy.’

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