Getting bitter over litter

Do you get bugged by litter? The government certainly does. That’s why ministers want to change the law so that motorists can get fined for littering, even if it wasn’t their hand that threw the crisp packet out of the window in the first place.

The change will form part of the Localism Bill, currently trundling its way through parliament.

Council officers will be able to give a fine based on the number plate of the vehicle, so tif motorists don’t tell tales on their littering companions, they’ll have to pick up the penalty themselves. This is in contrast to the current law, which puts the burden of recognising the culprit on the authorities themselves.

Clyde Loakes, vice-chairman of the Local Government Association's environment board, said the following: ‘It's time to get tough on lazy, selfish people who toss rubbish from moving cars and expect other people to cover the cost of cleaning it up.’

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