Getting the best deal on over 65 travel insurance

Are you a senior citizen finding it hard to secure a good deal on your travel insurance? Lots of companies don't offer their policies to older travellers, meaning it can be hard to get the best possible deal on travel insurance. There are a number of companies who specialise in over 65 travel insurance, but which one is best?

One company who have been specialising in insuring senior citizens for a number of years is Saga Travel Insurance and you can find their travel insurance deals online at saga.co.uk. Saga are our insurer of choice because even if you are over 65 they offer to insure you online, even if you have an existing condition, meaning a much more convenient experience all round for you.

There is no upper age limit for a Saga Insurance policy, and they offer a range of fantastic perks you just won't get from any other provider. These include their Travel Assistance Service, which is a 24 hour English speaking helpline at no extra cost. You'll also get their new and improved cover as standard, this includes cancellation cover for insolvency and strikes and £100 a day benefit if you’re stranded abroad.

Saga also offer a range of additional extras you can tack on to your policy like Winter Sports cover, and even rental Car Hire cover. There are two ways to get a Saga Insurance quote. You can fill in a quote application form from their site, or else you can call them in their UK based call centre at 0800 015 8055.

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