Getting the best small loans in Ireland

Thinking of finally booking that dream holiday? Or else are you putting together the money for your first car? There's nothing to be daunted about when it comes to taking out a small loans in Ireland. There are some genuinely impressive offers out there right now, and with banks eager to do business, you can get a bargain rate!

To give an example of the bargains out there, in this blog we'll be taking a gander at the phenomenal value on offer right now with an AIB Personal Loan. AIB Loans are brilliant for people looking for a quick boost to their finances. They allow you to make unscheduled repayments, to schedule flexible repayments that suit you, and not the bank, and their Interest Rates are extremely competitive!

The rates are the meat on the bones of the offer from AIB, so just how impressive are they? Well, if you're borrowing at the higher end of the personal scale, say E 25,000 or more, you'll pay 9.52% APR. For lower loans of zero to E 2,499, you'll pay 13.84%. A bargain rate all round!

You can apply for an AIB Personal loan from their website at www.aib.ie, or by paying them a visit in one of their branches. Loan terms run from one to five years, and they even have a helpful "Personal Loan Calculator" on their site at http://www.aib.ie/personal/loans/Personal-Loan, so you can figure out exactly how much it will cost you!

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