Getting the cheapest car insurance can be tricky!

Getting cheap car insurance quotes can be a pain in the butt, especially if you drive a big car or live in an urban area. However, it is possible. So lets see what we can do.

Even before you go scouring, there are a huge number of little things you can do to bring the premium you'll be paying right down. Here we'll be giving you a guide to some easy steps to take.

Our first tip is to opt to pay a higher excess in the event of an insurance claim. This means you will cover more of the cost of any damage, but it will bring your premium right down.

Next, we suggest taking a look into doing one of the many "Pass Plus" programmes around. This is especially helpful if you are a young driver struggling with a high premium.

Take a look at purchasing your premium online. Many companies offer discounts of 10-15% if you buy directly from their website. Then there are the many and varied insurance comparison sites on the internet, and all are worth a look.

Limiting the number of miles you'll be driving can also get you a cheaper premium, especially if you sign up for a "Pay as you drive" type policy. You can even agree to a curfew at night, as most accidents happen then.

Most companies will also bring down your premium if you have a tracker and immobiliser fitted to your car.

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