Give us a (tax) break

Conservative MPs will today lean on David Cameron to make amendments to the Finance Bill to allow married people who do not work to transfer their unused personal allowance to their partner.

This will cut tax bills for many married couples and effectively incentivise couples to wed. Some commentators say that the proposed amendment is unlikely to succeed, but it will at least highlight the issue, as well as the Prime Minister's pledge to introduce the measure in the run up to last year's election, when he said: 'I just think as a society, saying that marriage is a good thing and celebrating it and encouraging it, including through the tax system, is something that most societies do in Europe. It's very sensible for us to do as well.'

But Tory partners the Lib Dems have threatened to highjack the measure, claiming that their proposed raise of the personal allowance to £10,000 must take priority.

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