Gold and silver still the best

Continuing uncertainty over prospects for the global economy has caused investors to flock to the safe havens of gold, silver and platinum.

The precious metals topped the tables for best asset class for the fourth time in five years, according to Lloyds TSB Assetwatch survey.

Suren Thiru, an economist at Lloyds TSB, told the Telegraph: ‘It is unsurprising that precious metals were the top performing asset class in 2010. Investors looked to protect the value of their investments amid the renewed uncertainty over the global economic outlook including the debt concerns in the eurozone and rising inflation.

‘The level of demand from emerging economies, particularly from China and India, is likely to remain an important determinant of many assets prices as well as the pace at which the global economic recovery continues.’

It may sound a bit retro, but if you’re looking for stability, investing in precious metals seems to be the way to go.

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