Gold bullion price and investment guide

Gold increased to a record high of $1827 per ounce on Friday the 26th of August 2011. This record high came after 24 months of increases as investors move from property and currencies into the safety of the gold market.

Fears of quantitative easing and the associated inflationary problems have prompted these massive gains in the gold price. Gold as a physical commodity benefits from being rare and production of gold can just not cover the current demand.

Before you consider investment in gold you should work out how much you can invest. You must know the current gold bullion price and with the gold price changing almost every second this can prove difficult.

We advise using goldprice.org/ as it allows you track the current gold price in real time. Detailing the price of gold around the world as it is traded in New York, London and Tokyo.

Once you know how much you can invest then the next step in entering the gold market is easy and can be done in many different ways. We advise holding some physical gold by purchasing gold bullion coins. For larger investments consider gold certificate shares, this means that your gold is held by a mint.

Full details of investments like this can be found on goldcore.com/, two of the best options on this site are gold Kuger and coins from South Africa or share certificates in the Australian Perth Mint.

Remember investments in gold can rise as well as fall so be careful with your investment.

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