Exchange gold for cash and make some extra money

If you find yourself running short of cash and have extra gold lying around, you can exchange gold for cash and make some extra money.

Many people have gold pieces lying around that they don't use. Maybe it's an unwanted necklace or bracelet that you no longer wear. If so, you can turn that gold into cash at many places that specialise in this type of service.

Gold Traders is one site where you can exchange scrap gold for cash. You can call them through the week or get an online quote by simply filling out the weight of the gold with their easy online calculator. If all else fails, you can send them your gold for a free quote and you're under no obligation to trade unless the price is right for you.

Ramsdens Got Gold Get Cash site is another venue where you can exchange your scrap gold and get the money you need. They also have a gold calculator you can use to get an estimate or you can fill out a handy form and get a free GoldPak in the mail.

No matter which site you use, it's easy to exchange your unwanted gold for a little extra cash. What is great about trading scrap gold for cash is that your gold doesn't have to look good. It doesn't matter if it's a broken necklace or a gold ring with a setting that is missing. These companies are only interested in the gold weight so all you have to do is send them your gold.


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