Top tips for success in the Gold market

The price of gold has increased substantially in recent years. Inflation, and quantitative easing has seen people trying to move their investments from vulnerable currencies into the safer gold market. This has caused the gold price to increase over 50% in the last 24 months.

Investing in the gold market can be done in several ways. Broadly you should choose to either hold physical assets or have someone else hold them for you. This might mean buying gold bullion certificates or gold bullion coins, either way will mean you have entered into the gold market but it is just what you feel comfortable with. Personally I feel that you should diversify investments, holding some physical gold is never a bad thing and you can always augment you portfolio with a higher risk investment in a gold mining company.

Full details on investments like this can be found on goldcore.com/, with charts, graphs and statistics on gold prices you can really research your investment.

The website also details how to purchase Gold Certificates with the Australian Pert Mint or Gold sovereign coins from the UK mint, two of the safest ways to invest in gold.

Once you have chosen to invest in gold you will need to know the price, again we can recommend the perfect website. Goldprice.org/ details the price of gold as it is traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange or the Tokyo Commodity Exchange where the price for gold futures is determined.

Using these top tips you should be as good as gold with your investments.

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