Where can you find the best gold price in Bristol?

With the number of second hand gold buyers increasing every day, it is getting harder and harder to know just who to trust with your old unwanted jewellery. You'll no doubt have noticed a wealth of television adverts for brand new companies, all vying for your attention in claiming that they can offer you the very best gold prices on the market today - but surely they can't all offer the best price? So who can you trust?

In our view, there's absolutely no substitute for experience. Why run the risk of sending your valuable gold to a brand new company with absolutely no track record of being either trustworthy or reliable, especially when you've got a company right on your doorstep on East Street who will ensure you get the fairest gold price in Bristol?

The Bristol Gold Buying Centre at the East Street Jewellers was established in 1991, and has grown to become one of the south west's most trusted retailers of gold, both new and second hand, as well as silver, platinum and much more.

Unlike other companies who tell you to send them your gold via the post, a risky procedure especially given the fact that there's nothing to stop them saying that your valuables were "lost in the post" should you not like the price on offer and request they be sent back, you can actually walk straight into the store off the street and talk with the people who will be making you the offer face to face.

If you have decided that you might be better off going to a large brand like Tesco who have recently jumped aboard the gold buying bandwagon, you might be surprised to learn that East Street Jewellers have a price promise to beat Tesco's offer by at least 50p per gram. That's a huge price difference, and coupled with the excellent personal service, you won't find a better deal anywhere else.

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