Changes to gold prices in grams

While the price of scrap gold is normally fixed per carat, gold price in grams normally fluctuates with the economy as it is sold by world traders rather than scrap metal/pawn shops. In the 19th century rich families would keep gold in vaults and, instead of going to the vault every time they wanted to make a purchase, would issue "bills" or "receipts" so the trader could obtain the gold themselves. This lead to the development of modern currency which, originally, was backed up by gold in the bank; the amount of currency circulating was always relative to the amount of gold in the bank.

However, recent years have seen gold break away from the economy, so it is priced differently per gram by world traders. When the economy is slowing down or hits a recession gold price in grams increases as big investors "secure" their money in gold; when currency becomes worthless, gold will not because it is not affected by economic downturn like trade or currency.

For example, if you had £50 in 1800 and a bag of gold worth £50 in 1800 you could probably buy yourself a prestigious business suit with both the gold and currency. If you kept hold of the £50 and fast-forward to the 21st century, however, you won't get the same quality suit. But, if you keep hold of the gold instead, you could buy the same quality suit as in the 1800 even though the price of the suit has increased where the currency was the same.

As more people buy gold in fear of recession or economic downturn, sellers increase the price. You'll probably find that if the economy takes a downturn gold price in grams will increase slightly, or if the super rich suddenly begin buying gold then the price will also increase. The price of gold per gram is never fixed; you'll have to look for real time updates for each currency to secure a relatively accurate price per gram.

You can, however, keep a close eye on the gold price in grams using real time websites and converters. Some examples of these sites are:

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Gold Price (http://goldprice.org/gold-price-per-gram.html)

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