Get the current gold price per 10 gram in the UK

The gold price per 10 gram in the UK is adjusted twice daily, at 1030 and 1500 hours. Generally the prices do not fluctuate by much between these two fixings, so any calculations conducted using one particular gold price should give you a good indication of how much your items are worth.

As gold prices fluctuate on a continuous basis, many people may be wondering if now is the right time to sell their gold. No one wants to sell their gold at a given price, only to find that they could have gotten a greater amount if they had chosen to sell a few days later. This is a difficulty that faces traders and investors at all times, and there is no definite way of identifying the best time to sell. Monitoring trends and current events can help experienced traders predict future prices, but lay investors must accept that there is a certain degree of risk involved with commodities trading.

The current gold price can be found on the website of the London Bullion Market Association webste, at lbma.org.uk. As this group is responsible for the fixing of the gold price each day, this is the most up-to-date and reliable source for gold prices. When you go to this website you will find prices in USD, GBP and EUR, which are given for a single Troy Ounce of 24 ct gold. To convert this figure to grams, simply divide by 31.1. If you multiply your result by 10, this will give you the gold price per 10 gram in the UK, for 24 ct gold.


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