Keep up to date with the latest gold price per gram in the UK

There are many reasons for you to keep up to date with the gold price per gram in the UK, particularly if you're planning on making an investment in the near future, or simply want to sell some of your unused jewellery to one of the many scrap gold dealers advertised on TV and in the print media these days. Getting the best value for your money is always of paramount importance so you need to be sure you keep yourself in the loop when it comes to gold prices to ensure you don't get undercut.

As an investment, gold represents one of the best value for money purchases you can make on the stock market these days. Due to the current global economic crisis, and the fact that gold itself is a particularly rare and desirable metal, gold prices have been on a steady upward incline for the past few years and, aside from a few small bumps along the way, they certainly don't look like they're going to take a tumble any time soon.

One of the main reasons that people don't invest in gold is because of the initial price, with an ounce of gold currently trading for around £928 on the London Stock Exchange. However given the fact that you are likely to see a steady increase in the value of your investment over time, putting your money in gold offers a far more enticing proposition than relying on bank interest rates to increase the value of your savings over time.

In order to keep track of the most current gold prices, there are a number of resources online, including goldprice.org, that list prices in real time, updating continually to reflect fluctuations in the market. This means that if you do decide to take the plunge and invest, you'll have no problem keeping an eye on the value of your stock.

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