What is the current gold price per ounce UK?

Looking to make a quick killing on some old gold that you have to sell? Selling your old Gold for Cash is growing in popularity with every passing day as more and more people realise the opportunities that are out there. It's a safe process too, you just need to be armed with the knowledge of the current gold price per ounce UK.

Why do we recommend knowing this? Well, with the sheer amount of Cash for Gold resellers currently operating, there was bound to be a few bad eggs that slipped through the net. So there's always the chance that you could be ripped off by a company playing on you not knowing how much your gold is worth. The only way to get around this is by arming yourself with the knowledge of what gold is worth.

Finding out your value per ounce is easy. All you need to do is visit the most extensive source of information on current gold prices on the internet, and that's Gold Price, who you can find online at goldprice.org. Gold Price offer real time statistics of the current price of gold in 26 different currencies, and for every possible carat of gold you can buy.

Their up to date statistics give you a clear idea of the ballpark figure you can hope to attain from selling your gold. The only things you need to do to clarify this picture further is to establish exactly what carat of gold you have and how much it weighs. A simple scales and a glance for the hallmark will achieve both of these things for you.

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